How to host a murder

So just how do you host a murder? Perhaps you’ve booked a hosted murder mystery package or maybe you’ve purchased your own downloadable mystery.   More often than not you’ll find your host or download instructions will answer many of the questions...
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Does communication at your office look like this?

Communication in the workplace. Good communication can help to create a positive environment where everybody feels heard, valued and understood. Bad communication can contribute to low morale, frustration and misunderstandings. Nobody wants that. Improving...
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Hens night

Let’s talk hens nights & murder A murder mystery is a great way to celebrate the coming nuptials. It brings the family together,  it gets people talking and more importantly,  it’s seriously good fun. We’ve adapted two of our...
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Dealing with difficult guests.

Dealing with difficult party guests doesn’t have to be… difficult In any normal scenario a difficult party guest can bring the mood down and effect peoples enjoyment of a night you’ve worked so hard to put together. But this isn’t your normal...
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Costume & accessory party ideas

Should I get a costume? Should I accessorise? Dressing up for your murder mystery party is tons of fun. You can accessorise with things you already have lying around the house or visit your local dollar shop to see what you can find. If you’re...
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Keep the team spirit up during your conference with a bit of murder, mystery and loads of fun.

If you’ve been tasked with organising a conference, we understand you’ve probably got a lot on your mind. Guests and delegates need to be contacted. Accommodation needs to be arranged and meals need to be organised. Speakers and their presentations...
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Our crack team of corporate actors are here to save the day

When you hire us, you hire peace of mind When you’re thinking about fun things to do for your next conference or corporate event,  hiring professional actors with a background in the Australian entertainment industry just makes sense. Especially...
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Agatha Christie at the movies.

One of our all time favorite murder mystery authors is of course Agatha Christie. Her most celebrated works include ‘The Murder of Roger Akroyd’ and the classic ‘And then there were none’. If you can, get yourself a copy of those...
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How to mark & celebrate a milestone birthday

Janet Frazier was soon to turn 70 and she was determined to celebrate her birthday in a unique and special way. But the big question was how? What exactly could she do to celebrate this great milestone. This conundrum was solved when her daughter Susan...
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Murder mysteries: The fun you’ve been looking for

When it comes to murder mysteries, call Sydney’s best Perhaps you’ve heard about murder mysteries or it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but just never gotten around to it. Maybe you’re just looking for ideas for your...
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