Party planning e-book

Party planning e-book: How to murder your freinds and get away with it cover

How to murder your friends & get away with it.

A party planning book for those who want to host a murder mystery.

If you’ve purchased a do-it-yourself murder mystery kit or are just thinking about it, the accompanying instruction manuals don’t always cover everything. Sure they tell you how to play the game but what about the other things like:

  • Where is the best place to hold a murder mystery?
  • What type of murder mystery should I purchase?
  • Can we do this over a meal or as a simple stand alone event?
  • Keeping the fun and excitement moving along.

To help answer these questions and many more like it, we’ve created a downloadable e-book  that gives you some tips, tricks and advice on how to best to plan a murder mystery party.


The books information and concepts can be applied to most of the do-it-yourself murder mysteries available online or instore. It’s a must have purchase for those unsure or even intimidated about the prospect of planning your murder mystery.

It goes without saying that if planning and organizing happens to be your thing, a lot of the books information will already be second nature to you. So, feel free to use it as a reference tool to provide you with some ideas that perhaps you hadn’t yet considered.

    • Comes as a PDF download.
    • Kindle downloads available on Amazon.


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A note from the author:

“…As the owner of my own murder mystery company, I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over Australia entertaining some of the country’s biggest names in business.

As you can imagine, I’ve seen a lot of things happen. I’ve seen people get into character and deliver knock-out performances. I’ve seen people suddenly crack under the pressure and I’ve seen parties and the planning involved unfortunately go astray.

I’ve also been inspired by the people who attend the parties I host and the fun and creative ideas they bring to them. Because I’m always being asked advice on the best way to host your own murder mystery party, I’ve decided to commit digital pen to digital paper and share with you the tips and tricks I’ve discovered and learned over the years.”

– Gary Boulter