Jun 05

Hens night

Hens Night

Let’s talk hens nights & murder

A murder mystery is a great way to celebrate the coming nuptials. It brings the family together,  it gets people talking and more importantly,  it’s seriously good fun.

We’ve adapted two of our existing murder mysteries for a hens night, so naturally they’re big on laughs and there’s plenty of opportunity to glam up. Here’s are current hens night packages

Hosted hens night murder mystery

Our all-female hosted murder mystery for a hens night can accommodate 15 to 80 players, so the larger the group the better. What’s more, everyone who comes to your party has a part to play. We want everyone to feel included and we don’t want anyone missing out on the fun.

 THE MYSTERY: Murder at the Manor (hens night version)

THE TIME: 1920’s to 1950’s

THE PLACE: England

THE CASE: A rich and royal English Baron has been murdered during a party celebrating his family’s haunted and chequered past. Suspicion, intrigue and revenge circulate amongst England’s highest of high society as we try and work out whodunit?

PLAYERS: 15 – 80

THE PRICE: Contact us for a quote


Downloadable hens night murder mystery

Our downloadable hens night murder mystery is more for the smaller groups who don’t mind taking on the hosting duties themselves. The download kit is easy to set up and fun to play and comes with free YouTube movie trailer invite.

THE MYSTERY: If looks could kill (hens night do-it-yourself version)

THE TIME: 1920’s to 1950’s

THE PLACE: England

THE CASE: Fi-Fi, the world’s most beautiful model, was murdered on the catwalk in front of hundreds of witnesses. Jealous models and suspicious designers are all under the spotlight as the search for the killer begins.

PLAYERS: 6, 8 or 10 major characters. Any Additional players can take turns asking questions.

THE PRICE: Our download kits are selling across UK, America, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Click here for price details. 

  • The download comes as a ZIP file.
  • We recommend downloading this murder mystery direct to your PC or Laptop.
  • If you are downloading this to your i-phone or Apple device you will need an appropriate app such as: Zip Unzip Unrar Tool
  • If you are downloading this to your Android phone or device you will need an appropriate app such as: Androzip

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