Apr 10

How to mark & celebrate a milestone birthday

murder mystery birthday img1

Janet Frazier was soon to turn 70 and she was determined to celebrate her birthday in a unique and special way. But the big question was how? What exactly could she do to celebrate this great milestone.

This conundrum was solved when her daughter Susan came up with a brilliant idea, a murder mystery. This type of birthday party woud combine her love of Agatha Christies books and Crime TV,  as well as time well spent with family and friends into one great night. So Susan gave us a call and we got to work.

  • The murder mystery theme

The mystery had to be set in England during the 20’s & 30’s.  Susan and Janet really wanted to evoke that classic Agatha Christie type vibe. Our hosted murder mystery package: Murder at Dethaly Vale Manor was exactly what she was looking for.

  • The music

When it came to the music for the night Janet  was very definite about one thing, no CD’s or anything from i-tunes. She wanted a a live band playing period music from the 20’s & 30’s. We were only to happy to oblige, so we gave Greg Poppleton Bakelite Jazz Band a call. Greg and his band are Australia’s only 1920’s and 30’s jazz specilists.

Then we set about incorporating aspects of Janets life into one of our existing murder mysteries for that personal touch.  Just to ramp up the excitement levels even more, we even promised to kill off a fair few members of the audience before the killer was finally revealed.

We were thrilled to be able to share the night with Janet’s friends and family, all of whom got into the spirit of the mystery and had a ball. More importantly the birthday girl was thrilled at the outcome.

“…We had an enormous amount of fun, everyone was involved and the evening went so well. Everyone who attended (and even the caterer ) said what a fun time it was, the best birthday party they had been to for years. We recommend it wholeheartedly…”


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