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Why wait for shipping and delivery when you can download a murder mystery right now and start preparing for your night of fun.

Our kits are easy to set up and fun to play as they focus squarely on entertainment, where the plots are irreverent and fun is the primary focus.

These all original and unique download kits are selling across UK, America, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. All downloads come in a ZIP/PDF files and also include bonus:

  • MP3 audio files
  • YouTube movie invitations
  • Murder Mystery party planning book

Current titles


About this mystery

Notorious business tycoon Bernie Muggleton, has been murdered at his palatial country manor. Identifying the killer is proving to be difficult, as the murder took place during a blackout. Was it the wronged wife, the devious business partner, or the escaped lunatic? …more

About this mystery

Fi-Fi, the world’s most beautiful model, was murdered on the catwalk in front of hundreds of witnesses. Jealous models and suspicious designers are all under the spotlight as the search for the killer begins …more

About this mystery

The tomb of Catalina Matooso, A.K.A The Zombie Queen, has recently been discovered and its treasures are on display at the Museum of History. During the exhibition’s opening night, noted archaeologist Harold Mort was found dead. Some are calling it murder. Others are calling it the curse of the Zombie Queen. …more 

About this mystery

Rumour has it an ancient treasure has been discovered on the streets of Rome. Everyone’s talking about it, but there’s one that will kill for it. Renowned historian professor David DaVinci has been found dead on the Spanish Steps. Some say it was an accident, others say it was murder…more 

We can help you with party planning tips

We’ve written a book to help you plan your do-it-yourself murder mystery party. It’s called How to murder your friends and get away with it . It’s available as a separate purchase or as part of our download kits.

It’s aim is to inspire and get your creative juices flowing as preparations for your party get underway. The information it contains has been tried and tested so you can follow everything to the letter or just take what you need, run with it and make it your own.

we take the mystery out of party planning so you can look forward to having a good time.

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