An overview of our murder mystery entertainment services.


Hosted murder mysteries: We run the game so you don’t have to.

* Characters – You and your guests play the starring roles in the murder mystery mystery.

* Themes – Choose a theme for your murder mystery night.

* What happens on the night – This is how we host your murder mystery.

*  Gallery – What does a murder mystery look like? We’ve got the evidence right here


If you want to host your own murder mystery, we’ve got you covered. Our kits are easy to set up and fun to play and come with free extras including bonus audio files and YouTube movie trailer invitations. Here are our available titles:

* Return of the Zombie Queen 

* Murder at Dethly Vale Manor

* If looks could Kill

* The Deadly Treasure

* Party planning e-book – The books information and concepts can be applied to most of the do-it-yourself murder mysteries available online or instore. It’s a must have purchase for those unsure or even intimidated about the prospect of planning your murder mystery. You might say we take the mystery out of party planning so you can look forward to having some fun.


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* About us – Murder Mystery Fun was formed by professional actor/comedians.

* Testimonials We really are very good at what we do. Don’t take our word for it though.

News If you’re putting on a murder mystery we’ve got some tips and tricks for you.


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