Planning your Hosted Murder Mystery

Choosing the best venue
Our murder mysteries can get very loud and, needless to say, we don’t want to disturb or be disturbed by anyone. So as a general rule of thumb, any venue that has a dedicated private function room is the perfect place to hold your murder mystery night.

What do I need to tell the venue?
Provide us with the venue contact details and we will take it from there. We will co-ordinate the running of the murder mystery with them in and around your existing meal plans.

Do you provide the venue and the meal?
No we just provide you with the entertainment.

Can we drink?
Of course you can, it’s your party!

How long does the murder mystery last?
The time varies but as a general guide it’s between 2 to 3 1/2 hours long, over your planned meal. The overall length of the murder mystery depends on the level of involvement from everyone on the night.

Does it have to be done over a meal?
Not at all – we can run it as a stand-alone event if you prefer.

Noisy people
If you are worried about potentially noisy or disruptive people we will certainly do our best to help. However do bear in mind we are not the crowd control police, we are there to entertain those who want to take part in the game.

About our hosted murder mysteries

Who wrote the mysteries?
We did. All our murder mystery games have been tried and tested by us before being made available to you.

Can we host this ourselves?
Our hosted murder mysteries are written for large groups (15-80) and are very involved. As a result they can take a very long time to learn and effectively perform. It’s not as easy as you think. Check out our download page for easy to use and easy to follow murder mysteries.  

Can they be customized?
Yes but at an additional cost. This is because small changes to the story sometimes mean that we will have to re-write other aspects of the overall story so everything makes sense.

Hosted murder mystery parties require a 50% deposit to secure your host and preferred date. These deposits are non-refundable if the murder mystery (in full or part) is cancelled within 28 days of the agreed booking date. If work has commenced on the murder mystery outside of the 28 days we will refund 50% of the deposit


Who plays the murderer?
The murderer is always played by one of your guests. As to the identity of the murderer, that’s for us to know and you to find out.

Do we have to remember our details?
Of course not. Everyone is encouraged to read directly from the sheets on the night.

Will I find out whodunit?
No and that’s because the sheets you distribute only contain half the story!

What about nerves?
We can spot nerves a mile away. If any of the major characters get nervous on the night we will look after them.

I have more than 100 people coming?
Murder mystery games with more than 100 people do not work effectively, so we cap the numbers at 100.  

DIY download kit

How many people can play?
10-20 people

What do I need to prepare
A computer, printer and 10 envelopes.

How does the game come?
It comes in a zip file which contains PDF and audio files.

Is it suitable for children?
Minimum age 16+

What kind of events suit a do-it-yourself Murder Mystery?

  • Work party
  • Hens night
  • Birthday party
  • Get together with family and friends

Will I find out the murderer when I prepare for my do-it-yourself murder mystery?
Provided you follow our instructions, you will not find out who the murderer is until they are reveal themselves to the group.

But I'd like to know who the murderer is before the party
Not a problem. Just read everything in the download kit and you will find out soon enough

Will it be fun?
We create all murder mystery games with a healthy dose of good humor throughout. That’s why we call ourselves Murder Mystery Fun!

Can I change the gender of the character
Of course you can.

Altering the game.
If you alter or change aspects of the story,  you may potentially affect your enjoyment of the game. We want the story to make sense and more importanly, we want you and your guets to have fun. So unless advised to do so, we reccomend you leave the game as is.

Don't think about it too much.
We freely admit our plots and characters are a bit on the silly side. The emphasis with all our download games is on the fun. These kits are simply a great excuse to dress up and have some fun with your friends and family