The Deadly Treasure

The Deadly Treasure - Murder Mystery Doenload game image

The search for the Grail has begun

  • The case: The Deadly Treasure
  • The time: Any time you like
  • The place: Rome
  • The background: Rumour has it an ancient treasure has been discovered on the streets of Rome. Everyone’s talking about it, but there’s one that will kill for it. Renowned historian professor David DaVinci has been found dead on the Spanish Steps. Some say it was an accident, others say it was murder.
  • The players: This download kit can accommodate 6, 8 or 10 people. Additional players can take turns asking questions.

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10 major players

Females: 5
Male: 4
Male or female: 1

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08 maor players

Females: 4
Male: 3
Male or female: 1

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06 major players

Females: 3
Male: 2
Male or female: 1

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How to host your murder – game information
  • We’ve also kept the instructions relatively simple so you can all concentrate on having a great time.
  • E-mail the relevant information to your guests and printing can be kept to a minimum
  • The emphasis with our mystery download kits is squarely on the entertainment, where the plots are irreverent and fun is the primary focus.

YouTube invitation

We want to get your guests excited about your murder mystery game before it even happens. We’ve created this custom YouTube party invitation to send out to your guests: