Murder mystery themes

Our murder mystery themes give you and your guests an opportunity to get dressed up, have a great time and solve a murder. So before you organise your party ask yourself who would you like to be? What type of mystery would you like to solve?

Maybe you want to travel back to the 1930’s England and become a Butler. Perhaps being a Lady of the Manor is more your thing. Or maybe you can finally live out your Don Corleone fantasy and become a mob boss. If you’ve always fancied yourself as a showgirl in 1960’s Las Vegas we can make that happen.

The emphasis with all our murder mystery themes is on the entertainment, where the plots are irreverent and fun is the primary focus.

Let’s play. 

Current themes

Murder at Deathy Vale Manor

A classic 1930’s mystery set in an English stately home

A rich and royal English Baron has been murdered during a party celebrating his family’s haunted and chequered past. Suspicion, intrigue and revenge circulate amongst England’s highest of high society as we try and work out whodunit?

Viva Death Vegas

A 1960’s mystery theme set in the seedy Las Vegas underworld

The Ravioli crime family are in big trouble. The recent murder of small time criminal Billy Ocean has threatened their very existence and the authorities are coming down hard. Rumour has it that Billy’s murder was a set-up from the start.