Feb 23

Conference entertainment is seriously good fun.

Are you & your staff ready to have some fun? Our conference entertainment is all inclusive and helps break down barriers. It encourages communication across all levels but most important of all, it’s seriously good fun. It’s also a great ice...
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Jun 20

Does communication at your office look like this?

Communication in the workplace. Good communication can help to create a positive environment where everybody feels heard, valued and understood. Bad communication can contribute to low morale, frustration and misunderstandings. Nobody wants that. Improving...
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Jun 05

Hens night

Let’s talk hens nights & murder A murder mystery is a great way to celebrate the coming nuptials. It brings the family together,  it gets people talking and more importantly,  it’s seriously good fun. We’ve adapted two of our...
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Aug 01

Our crack team of corporate actors are here to save the day

Corporate actors who know how to keep you entertained. When you’re thinking about fun things to do for your next conference or corporate event, hiring professional & experienced corporate actors with a background in the Australian entertainment...
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