party ideas


How to host a murder

So just how do you host a murder? Perhaps you’ve booked a hosted murder mystery package or maybe you’ve purchased your own downloadable mystery.   More often than not you’ll find your host or download instructions will answer many of the questions...
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Hens night

Let’s talk hens nights & murder A murder mystery is a great way to celebrate the coming nuptials. It brings the family together,  it gets people talking and more importantly,  it’s seriously good fun. We’ve adapted two of our...
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Costume & accessory party ideas

Should I get a costume? Should I accessorise? Dressing up for your murder mystery party is tons of fun. You can accessorise with things you already have lying around the house or visit your local dollar shop to see what you can find. If you’re...
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How to mark & celebrate a milestone birthday

Janet Frazier was soon to turn 70 and she was determined to celebrate her birthday in a unique and special way. But the big question was how? What exactly could she do to celebrate this great milestone. This conundrum was solved when her daughter Susan...
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Murder mysteries: The fun you’ve been looking for

When it comes to murder mysteries, call Sydney’s best Perhaps you’ve heard about murder mysteries or it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but just never gotten around to it. Maybe you’re just looking for ideas for your...
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