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Download & host your own murder

If you’re looking for something a little different to do at your next party, our download do-it yourself murder mysteries could be just what you’re looking for. They’re simple to set up and fun to play, and will keep you and your guests laughing and giggling all night long.

All the download kits are firmly focused on the entertainment, where the plots are irreverent and fun is the primary focus.

We’ve reduced our murder mystery download kits to $15 for a limited time.

They come with PDF and MP3 audio files and a free YouTube party invite. The kits are the perfect accompaniment for any:

  • Work party
  • Hens night
  • Birthday party
  • Get together with family and friends
  • Any old excuse to throw a party
  • More

Choose your do-it-yourself murder mystery

Murder at Deathly Vale Manor

Purchase and find out more about this do-it-yourself murder mystery


If looks could kill

Purchase and find out more about this do-it-yourself murder mystery


05 Return of the Zombie Queen

Purchase and find out more about this do-it-yourself murder mystery

Preparing for the night.

You’re going to need a date, a venue and 10 to 20 people who are in the mood for some serious fun.

10 of your guests play the major parts in the investigation, they are the chief murder suspects. If you expect less than 10 in attendance, guests can double up on parts. The remaining guests (those not assigned a major part) can take turns asking questions during the game.

All downloads come with a full set of instructions on how best to prepare for your murder mystery.

The fun stuff.
  • You get to decide which parts your guests play 
    All our download kits provide detailed character descriptions of the available parts.
  • Do you want to keep it a surprise?
    If you’d rather not know who the murderer is, then follow our instructions. You will not find out who the murderer until the end of the game.
  • Do you want to know who the murderer is before the night? 
    Perhaps you want to assign the murderer to a specific person,  or maybe you want to be the murderer. Then just read everything in the download kit and you will find out soon enough.

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